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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hanging out enjoying the last bit of summer!

My Mom took all of us to our Grandma's house yesterday for some swimming and visiting. She lives about a 1/2 hour drive away but we go there on a regular basis.
She took some pictures of Chase and I enjoying the pool (Kirya doesn't like to get wet), as well as some pictures of us in my Grandma's beautiful gardens. Enjoy!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Canada Cup Photos

I just wanted to share the photos of me from the Canada Cup this past July. They were all taken by Len Silvester from TTL Photos. http://ttlphoto.com/wp/ As usual the photos are great! Mom really likes the one of me at the start line with my bum up in the air. She says that shows the true Zephyr in agility, itching to go!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Home from New Brunswick and the 2008 Canadian National Agility Championships

I got home late last night from our trip to New Brunswick to visit with my Dad's family and to compete at the Canadian National Agility Championships. What a fun trip!! First we stayed at Grandpa's house that backs on to the Saint John river then we stayed at my Aunt Carol's house which is right on Grand Lake. Lots of running around in the country and swimming with my cousin Cole the black lab! And of course 4 great days of agility!!

The Nationals was at a great venue in Sussex and I got to stay in the big canopy with my full brother (even though he's a year older) Fergus. He was competing too. My brother's Bogey and Zed and sister Tribble were also competing. I got to meet my niece Roo as well, she was there to compete with the rest of us. My Mom says she has a face like my dog Dad Kyle.

Well Mom was really happy with how I ran. Four of the eight runs we had were Q's. One of the gambles were hard and we didn't get it, I took a rail in one class and Mom sent me off course in another. Overall we got a couple ribbons but Mom only got one picked up!! She was so happy with me and was glad the weather wasn't too hot, as she felt okay to run even with her being 5 months pregnant now.

After Nationals I got to spend a couple days right on Grand Lake swimming all day! My cousin Cole is a big black lab and he can swim faster than me! (I can still go faster on land!!) He is a duck hunting dog and he lives to retrieve, even more than I do! Anyway we had fun and Mom got lots of great pictures of me!

All in all the trip was great but I'm glad to be home to see Chase and Kirya and get back to regular life! Enjoy the photos that my Mom took. She took many really nice ones but just chose a couple to show you.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Off we go to Nationals!!

The car is loaded up and our bags are packed! Tomorrow morning we leave first thing for our drive to New Brunswick to visit my Dad's family and compete at the Canadian National Agility Trial!! I can't wait! I have been out there 3 times before but never to compete at the same time. I will tell you all about it when we return!!!