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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Bit of Down Time

I know blogs are really supposed to be about words, about having something to say....I think for me, images are often the better option.

I like to enjoy my dogs without the pressure of feeling like I have to prove something. I like to learn how to improve upon my own skills and weaknesses as well as my dogs weaknesses. Being aware of them will only help us improve and stay well our whole lives. It's all about the journey.

I've been spending far more time this fall on the trails then training agility or anything else. Zephyr is almost 10 years and as much as he's still good to go, I seem to enjoy the quiet of the trail more then the ring these days. He's been out to sheep a couple times this past month too which was really nice. I've missed those times when he was young and we used to work sheep.

I just spent a weekend at a 2 day Chris Zink seminar. I took my young dog Zen rather than Zephyr as I had questions and she has a whole life of using her body ahead of her. What an amazing seminar. SO much information, lots I have already been doing with the dogs, and then lots of new stuff to work on to fix some issues, or at least help with. Good thing I don't get upset at peoples opinion of my dog...so many refuse to think there could be any flaw with their dog and get far to upset at any mention that it may not be perfect!! How can we improve if we think that way. I would recommend going to see her, worth every penny.

As winter looms, we will continue to hike every day as usual, agility has moved indoors and maybe by spring I will feel more like spending time competing again with my red dog.

Zephyr out working sheep, looking at a goat that was not in the frame :)
Enjoying the fall colours

Mr. Hot Pants :)

Beautiful Red Dog