About dogs and dogsports! Most often in images...not words! In memory of Zephyr...my heart dog.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fields of Gold

How summer does fly....of course I guess life does generally. Zephyr is 12 1/2 now.....oh boy. Sometimes I have these moments where I go in to a momentary panic when I realize that he won't be here forever. Breathe.....We have been so blessed to share his life, such an amazing dog. I have known right from go that this was one special dog.
He is slowing down some now, of course. On the hilly hikes he walks the last hill with me instead of the usual running ahead. Sigh. I just enjoy every sunbeam with him and feel blessed.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

I Will Miss You Shiner

Some dogs touch the hearts of everyone who knows them. That was the case with Shiner, Zephyr's half-sister. My heart goes out to my friend who had to say good-bye to her last week. Shiner was 16 years old...I still remember when I first met her when she was a puppy. She was a very special dog.