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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summer 2016

So the beautiful days of summer are here. I have been so busy with work and a move into a new house that I haven't had much time for the computer. Zephyr is now 14 1/2 and struggling a bit with his health. Gone are the days of hiking the hills of the Bruce. Flatter walks and shorter ones as well. He still enjoys life but sleeps a little more than before. He has lost most off his hearing as well. I have been enjoying lots of quiet walks alone with him, without the other dogs. Other dogS you ask? Yes I welcomed another border collie into our home a few months back. Already a year old but with so much to learn. His name is Timber, and he is a  love. He is another black tri from working lines. I'll leave you with a few recent photos of the gang!