About dogs and dogsports! Most often in images...not words! In memory of Zephyr...my heart dog.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

When I see the photo above all I think is Happy Happy Joy Joy!! Zephyr is such a fun dog, loving life at his now 10 years of age! (His birthday was one month ago).We really haven't had much winter weather to speak of this year, at least not like we can get here in Ontario, which makes me happy.

I'm starting to get the itch for outdoor agility. I can't wait to haul the equipment out of storage, and with any luck I'll have some new stuff to add to the yard this year. I don't do as much agility with Zephyr as I once did, but he's not ready to retire quite yet!

And I had to share that last shot. We looked after a few baby chicks over the long weekend from my son's classroom, and as you can see Zephyr was his sweet self with them. Such a love!