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Sunday, December 7, 2008


What a cold and very windy day today! It was -14, but they said more like -20 with the wind chill. These are the kind of winter days that we don't get to spend too much time outside. We did get a little outside play time and short walks but that was it. My Mom worries about our feet and noses on days like today. Instead she did some trick work in the living room and games with toys for something to do. Also I curled up in Liam the toddlers bed to snuggle up where it was warm. I hope everyone keeps their pets inside tonight.

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Simba said...

awww..so cute and snuggly!! Yep, I'm not outside for long when it's cold!! The salt on the city sidewalks are killer!!

I have a hemp balm for my paws..but it only delays the inevitable...me hobbling on three paws as I try to keep one of them from freezing!