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Thursday, January 6, 2011

52 Weeks of Zephyr

Happy New Year to everyone! A morning shot of Zephyr when we finally had some sun! I am thankful that 2011 is here and I am hoping it will be a better year than last. Last year was dealing with loss and health issues for our dogs. I guess I should be happy that it is the first year in so many of owning dogs that we've had all these issues to deal with. Nothing short of stressful both on an emotional and financial level.
Anyway one good thing that did come out of it all is a year long photography project that I did with Zephyr. One photo taken each week to represent that week. Often the photos were not the best ones that I took of him, but they spoke of that time. It was a hard project at times to push on with in light of our struggles but I'm glad I did. Here is a slideshow of it...enjoy!! SLIDESHOW


BorderWars said...

Great photos. I've been meaning to do a 52 week project, but my DSLR is out of commission and I don't want to do it with a point and shoot.

I hope all is well with Zephyr, and that he stays free of cancer for life. These dogs are just so great, they deserve only the best.

Zephyr Crossman said...

Thanks so much Chris!
I hope Zephyr will be fine now...margins were clean so they think curative...fingers crossed! And yes they all deserve the best...and I owe Zephyr nothing short of the best as he has been such a patient dog and brought so much to my life.

I just started a new 52 weeks this year with my puppy Zen...should be interesting as she is such a different dog and not yet trained to the same level as Zephyr. I'll post it on her blog in a year of course. And I understand not wanting to use a P&S!

angels in disguise said...

How old was Zephyr when she got cancer? I am so sorry . I pray for her to stay in remission