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Monday, September 19, 2011

Goodbye Kirya

My Tribute to Kirya

It was with heavy hearts on Friday that my husband and I said goodbye to our Kirya. She had been on a decline all year but this past week she was really having more trouble and no longer seemed happy. By Thursday night we knew we had to make a decision. She was 2 months shy of her 14th birthday. She had a wonderful life.

My husband was there for Kirya's birth, the birth of Kirya's puppies and was with her until the end. He owned her parents and grandparents. Many years ago with major life changes she was the one collie that he decided to keep...what a good choice.

Never have I met such a gentle dog as her. She always took life in stride, content to share her life and space with new dogs and then children. You couldn't for a better dog to help raise puppies and children. She did pet therapy for years, first with myself then with another woman. She was so wonderful at this work, not only because of her quiet way but her breed seemed to bring out a lot of memories in people. She was a very special dog.

Thank you to our vet for all his support and kindness. Kirya seemed ready to go and left so peacefully and quietly.

We miss her already.

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