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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Master Standard Trial

Ahhhh, I just love my red dog! I know I have said it so often, but I feel so blessed to be on this journey with him. Agility just makes it more fun, an added bonus.
I went to a small evening trial last night and had a great time. Great conversation, some nice courses and a couple good runs. I got three runs on tape, here are two of them, the other I messed up then Zephyr had another contact issue (high, happy and lacking self control!!) so I trained in the ring. It's too bad that the second run on the video did not show up well enough, because it was such a nice run. However you can still get the idea from the video.
I am shocked at how fast he is moving still at his age, able to cut the SCT in half!!! Run red dog run!! It feels good to click with him....I could never grow tired of these moments running him.

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