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Monday, March 31, 2008

Acton Agility Trial

Yesterday my mom took me to an agility trial and we had so much fun. She said I ran very well, too bad she made some stupid errors to cost us our "Q's". I got to crate next to Tink and Kestrel. Tink is my niece, and Kestrel is my grand niece. Mom had been planning on getting photos but she got gabbing too much and didn't take any! Mom was also happy that the judge talked to her after our gamble run to inquire about me and called me a "real go-getter". That I am!!


Amanda said...

Aww crap!! I forgot about the pictures!! So sorry!

Simba said...

Sounded like fun!! I was at a DockDog event yesterday (swimming is for suckers!!) But I had fun hanging out with other people and pups. (except for the times when mum put me in the car!!)



Zephyr Crossman said...

It was fun! I have never been dock diving! And next trial my Mom promises to get photos with my nieces!!