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Monday, March 10, 2008

Tired of the Snow!!!

This must be a record breaking year here in Ontario. We got another huge snow storm, and the snow is so deep in the yard now we can't even run through it and enjoy it!! I wonder when we will be able to get out into the yard and set up the agility stuff and play frisbee. My Mom and Dad are tired of the snow too. But we still get the go to the barn for agility! See the huge snow banks!!!


Amanda said...

Hey! Your hill looks like it's got mine beat! Yup, we'll be at the trial on the 30th. Puppy will be there too!!

Amanda said...

Hey! I'm in the second run, so I won't be there first first thing, so hopefully when I get there there'll be enough room. There's usually room upstairs, and that'll probably be better for the puppy too, so I'll probably be up there, hope that's ok!