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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring!! (At least for a few days)

Beautiful weather for 5 days in a row!! Most of our snow has melted and we are having fun tracking mud into the house!! Mom took some photos of us today and she really likes the one above of Chase and Kirya. They really are best friends.

There are also a couple of me trying to entice Kirya to play disc with me. Come on Kirya it's spring!!! Mom says not too much longer and we can get the agility equipment out!! For some reason she wants to wait until the ground is dry. She says I'm too hard on the grass.

I also must mention that this past weekend Chase and myself were at the National Homeshow doing a dogsport demo with the Fast N' Furry team. It was a great show!! We will be back there again this weekend too. Hopefully mom will get photos so I can post them.

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Simba said...

hehe...I know..I noticed it too..and thought..hmmm...JRT needed a prong??

perhaps he's really energetic and needed to stay still for the shot??