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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2008 Ontario Regional Agility Trial

What a great weekend at The 2008 Ontario Regional Agility Trial. I qualified for Nationals again this year!!! Look out New Brunswick here we come!! The weather was great, sunny but cool, too much wind at times but still better than last years heat and humidity.

My Mom said overall she was very happy with how well I ran. The courses were very tough, with a lot of potential for off courses and other faults. She said I really was listening well and trying hard this weekend (which I think I always do). I had 2 clean fantastic runs, 3 good runs but not perfect, and well the last run of the weekend had some big problems in the middle which lost us a lot of points, but oh well!!

A lot of my family were there. My litter mate Spy came to watch, my brothers Fergus, Bogey, Zed and sister Tribble were all running, as well my nieces Tink and Roo were running. My grand niece was there watching too. I heard that my mother Q was there to watch but I didn't see her.

I have added the video of my 2 clean runs, both ended up with a 3rd place! I'm glad that we were able to have my most of my runs on tape. It's nice to be able to see them later on. The first video is the Jumpers 2 course from Sunday. It is hard to see on the video just how tough it was, but boy was Mom happy that we got through it. A lot of people were getting lost on course too. The second video is of the Standard 1 course from the Saturday, which had a really hard opening but then was not too bad.

I have also added a photo of me with Spy, Tink and Kestrel. Aren't we a good looking bunch!! All in all I am tuckered out but it was so much fun!!

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