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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Royackers May Trial

On Sunday morning Mom took me to the Royackers May Agility trial. I think I'm finally dry! It was pouring rain the whole time! We only signed up for 2 courses, standard and gamblers. Mom was so happy with how well I ran. She was concerned when we got there because of the rain and slippery conditions (she thinks I'm crazy and would hurt myself) but decided to warm me up. I fell hard and slid across the grass the first time over the warm up jump so I quickly settled down and collected myself up. Mom was surprised that I slowed a bit for both courses and ran careful. She said she was surprised that at 6 years old I finally had a brain working and some sense of self preservation!!!

So I have added the course maps again. We ran the standard first with only one mistake which Mom said was hers. I was supposed to come in and go over the teeter totter and I went to the weaves. It was a perfect line to the weaves and Mom called me too late, but she said I ran very well and she was happy. We still placed first and only one dog in the whole class Q'd.

Next we ran gamblers and again I got a first place! Mom seemed so happy when we were done. I got the mini gambles and a bunch of other points and I got the gamble at the end which was hard but the judge didn't give it to us because she said I missed the up contact on the teeter! I've never done that before! Mom was still so happy with me!

So now the focus is the Ontario Regionals. It starts on Friday in Ilderton, three days away!!! Mom is a bit nervous but I'm just excited to go out and have fun and play the game! Lots of my doggie relatives will be there too! I will let you know how it all goes and if we qualify for the Nationals again this year.

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Simba said...

Hey Zeph,

GOOD LUCK this weekend!!! I'm going to try to come out to watch on Sunday...Maybe I'll see you!