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Monday, July 21, 2008

Canada Cup

This past Saturday my Mom and I went to the Canada Cup to compete. Last year we did fantastic ending up with the bronze and enough cash to pay for Nationals and then some, so we thought we would try our luck again. Mom almost didn't go because she wasn't feeling up to it in the morning but off we went anyway.
As usual Royackers Kennels (where the trial was being held) hosted a wonderful day. They have the best facility for agility trials in my opinion. The grounds are kept beautiful, there is a 1 acre circulated pond for swimming (which I love!!!) they are always on time and the people are super nice! http://www.royackers.com
Anyway the courses were tough but good but my Mom was just not able to run well. She said the heat and humidity, lack of sleep and her being pregnant made her feel like a sloth. So we didn't run too well. She says she feels so bad for me as I deserve a better handler and now she is worried that she will have the same problem in 3 weeks at Nationals. What she needs to remember is that I just like to get out and play and I don't care if we do well and look terrible doing it!!!


Simba said...

Just keep reminding her Zeph! Mom's are always the hardest on themselves!!

btw: congrats on the new baby!!



Sarah-Jane Lehoux said...

You're pregnant? Wow! Congratulations!