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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring is finally here, although the days are still crisp. Here I am helping Dad burn some wood and brush. I love that we are spending a lot more time outside these days!

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Moxie said...

Hey Zeph, it's me Moxie. We just popped onto your blog to see what your up to. Wow you are quite a champion! Bravo, Bravo! And you know so many tricks. I sit and "lay flat" but when you say "shake" I shake my whole body....well Mom's always saying "shake" after my bath! Most of my tricks are done in the woods. Brook crossing, Log walking, rock climbing and mountain climbing, oh yeah canoeing too.
Glad to see you check up on me every now and then and hope to hear from you again . Your "blog buddy" Moxie