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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


There is a part of me that likes shiny things. Perhaps I'm a bit like a Magpie or a Crow. I don't usually take Zephyr's ribbons from sanctioned trials anymore, but starting a new dog, well how can I refuse.

I went to the first Dog Agility Ontario trial this past weekend. I think this new club did a great job putting the trial on and I did have a lot of fun. Was I ready to be there, well no, but myself and the dogs had fun and left with smiles on our faces.

Zephyr has been off of agility all winter, the last couple weeks we have just been doing small jump drills for fitness, but have not run a full course yet....it shows! Zen has not run any full courses either and has just had her jumps put up to full height....so yes jumping the gun!!

Things have changed since I started agility years ago. Trials used to cost almost half of what they do now, the dogs won rosettes and the clubs hired teenagers to run leashes and be ring crew. Oh well at the end of the day we all had fun, we love our dogs and those shiny things....do they even matter? No.

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