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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 2 of Regionals

Woo Hoo!! Found out today that we placed 1st yesterday in the steeplechase which puts us in the Steeplechase Finals tomorrow!!
Today we had 3 runs, 1 standard, 1 jumpers and 1 gamblers. The standard was a really tough course for the big and fast dogs, too much cranking on them and traps, it was tight. We ended up with a bar down and a refusal as Zephyr spun around in front of a jump. The jumpers round was tricky but flowed better. However the bars were flying for SO many dogs! We took one bar down here too, which threw me and we had another refusal this time I pulled him off a jump and he ran past (brought him back around to it) right after. Our last was the gamblers and I am happy that we got the main gamble!
I am not sure what any of my placements were today as they were announced hours after I left! One day left, 4 more runs, it's supposed to be very hot, hopefully we stay cool.

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